Local Tours

You will have fun exploring our quaint town filled to the brim with charm and character. Enjoy!

Historic Walking Tour

Enjoy your walking tour, but please remember to view from the sidewalk only. The Henry Huson Tour, points 1-10 and 32-52, takes about one hour. The Walter Bade Tour, points 1- 52, takes at least two hours. Some points of interest are landmarked by Sheboygan County. Others are on the National Register of Historic Properties.
Walking Tour Map

Murals Murals Everywhere!

Each mural captures the nostalgia and historic significance of Plymouth's rich business history. While following Walldogs traditions, these modern mural artists have also adopted many other traditions that show in their work, from the colors they use to the design styles they practice.

Talking Tour

Richard Baumann takes you on a personal "talking tour" of Plymouth! This hands-on, personal tour lasts approximately 1 to 1- 1/2 hours. During the tour, you will be driven past some of Plymouth's most historic and interesting sites. Richard will drive your party in his vehicle (or yours, if you have a group larger than four). Call (920) 781-2030 for details, or to set up a tour.