Foundations of


  • 9a first congregational w1200
  • 9d st john the baptist 2 w750

German Reformed Church – The German Reformed Church organized on March 6, 1896, with the help of 17 families. Among the families involved were Hecker, Kroeger, Ploetzke, Schwalenberg, Stallmann, Witzel and Zwerg. In the same year, the congregation began the construction of a church and adjoining parsonage on the corner of Smith and Forest Avenues. Members provided the labor and decided on the name, Deutsche Reformierte Salems Geminde, or Salem’s German Reformed Parish. On October 18th, 1896, dedication services were held under the direction of Reverend Vriesen of Sheboygan Falls. The church’s frame structure offered seating for 300 attendees. Rev. Steinecker assumed duties as pastor of the church until his death in 1902. In 1913, the church expanded, including the installation of a wood furnace. English services were introduced in 1925 with English services held once a month and German services held on the other three Sundays. Membership continued to grow, and in 1957, Rev. Lowell Ferguson accepted his call as pastor. The following year the congregation built a new church on Salem Drive.