Hi-Ho Soda

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The Hi-Ho Bottling Company was a locally owned Plymouth company that bottled carbonated beverages under its own private label. The company was founded when Donald Holzschuh, who had been in military service during World War II, returned home to Plymouth in 1945. Sugar was being rationed at this time and was not readily available to everyone. However, as a veteran, Holzschuh was entitled to a quota of sugar as long as it would be used for business purposes. Joseph Hildebrand, a former partial owner of Plymouth Springs Bottling Company, was interested in starting a beverage bottling company. The two decided to form a partnership, making plans to set up the new business using the sugar quota and establishing the name Hi-Ho Bottling Company. The name was derived from the abbreviation of the two founders’ last names. With the help of artist friend Henry Weber, a logo and design for the bottle were designed. They remodeled a building that belonged to Holzschuh’s father at 120 E. Mill St. and set up their bottling machinery. Holzschuh did the bottling, producing many fine flavored sodas. Hildebrand did the selling and deliveries in Plymouth and surrounding areas. The business grew and proved to be quite successful. In 1949, Hildebrand sold his half of the partnership to Holzschuh, who continued to expand the business, bottling Hi-Ho beverages for a number of years. In 1955, the business was sold and Holzschuh began his own excavating business in Plymouth. Donald Holzschuh retired from the Plymouth Sand and Gravel Company which he operated until 1977. Hi-Ho Soda by artists Ben and Joe Diaz is sponsored by Bank First National.