Pfeifer Drugstore

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The Pfeifer Drug Store mural is Plymouth’s 25th mural. The location of this mural is significant because it faces the corner parking lot that the city created after tearing down the building at that corner that originally housed the Pfeifer Drug Store, among other businesses. The building torn down for the parking lot had been erected in 1860 as a drug store. Charles Pfeifer purchased it in 1881 from Julius Schlaih, operating it until 1907 when he sold it to H.W. Jennings. Pfeifer was elected mayor of Plymouth in 1890. As mayor, he boosted downtown, expanding sidewalks and increasing the number of kerosene lamps along Mill Street from 17 to 57. One of those original 1890s kerosene lamps was discovered in the basement of the Plymouth Utilities building and was erected in the park as part of the mural. During the ceremony for the mural, a brief history of Charles Pfeifer and his contributions to the city of Plymouth was presented. In attendance were Pfeifer’s granddaughter and great-granddaughter, who had the honor of unveiling the new lamp. A panel of the mural was removed, and attendees were asked to sign the back with a message for future generations. Pfeifer Drugstore by artist Debbie Karr is sponsored by Plymouth Advancement Association.