Plymouth Brewing


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The first brewery in Plymouth was founded by Mr. G. Weber in 1865 on the corner of Main and Milwaukee streets. In 1885, the company produced 1,100 barrels of beer. In 1887, the company officially organized with A. Schreiner who was named president and manager, A. Wolf Sr. as vice-president, and F. Kohl as secretary. In 1893, the brewery produced 5,000 barrels of beer and employed nine workers. In 1902, Herman Van Treeck and John E. Curtiss both purchased an interest in the brewery. Production continued to increase. On May 1st, 1903, Van Treeck and Curtiss purchased the remaining interests of Mr. Schreiner. The following year, 12 men were employed as well as a stenographer. Subsequently, John Curtiss was named President and Secretary/Treasurer of the Plymouth Brewing Company. The company was known for its excellent quality beer and for its manufacturing of malt. Plymouth Beer was shipped throughout Wisconsin and to many neighboring states. However, with the advent of Prohibition, the production of beer ceased, and the brewery turned to bottling soft drinks. Production continued to decline, and in 1932 John Curtiss passed away and the brewery ceased operations. A year later, Curtiss’ wife decided to reopen the brewery. Plymouth Brewing Company by artists Bill & Jane Diaz is sponsored by Bank First National.