Plymouth Rocker & Phonograph Co.

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For many of the communities in Sheboygan County, furniture was a key industry for growth. Timber was plentiful, waterpower was easily harnessed from the many waterways, and settlers skilled in the craft of furniture-making found a ready market. Plymouth’s furniture industry flourished during from 1880 to 1930 due to the plentiful supply of lumber and was kept alive by the variety and diversity of quality products until the Great Depression brought the industry down. The Plymouth Rocker Co.’s logo featured a Plymouth Barred-Rock chicken, which identified each of their products, imprinted on the bottom of each chair seat. The chicken was also featured in advertising, which at one time included the following limerick: “There was a real, nice Rooster, To a pretty Hen said, to boost her, Tho’ it did shock her, You’re a Plymouth Rocker, Such praise she was not use’ter.” To memorialize this era of local furniture production, the Walldogs Event Committee commissioned Tom and Terri Wieser of Wieser Cabinetry & Supplies, Inc. to build 40 white pine, handmade wooden rocking chairs. Tom Wieser, who along with his employee and cabinet maker Joel Curtiss, feel honored to be a part of this special historic event. This limited edition of rockers represents the first time that furniture has been manufactured in Plymouth in more than 70 years. Each chair features a plaque on the bottom stating, “Produced in Plymouth, Wisconsin,” along with the date and chair number. Plymouth Rocker & Phonograph Co. by artists Adam and Sarah May is sponsored by Community Bank & Trust, Sun Graphics Printing.